Raise Your Vibe With YLO's Joy


If you’re looking to introduce yourself to the world of EOs (or essential oils), I definitely recommend that you scoop up Young Living Oils’ Starter Kit. In it you’ll find some of the best blends YLO has to offer, including Lavender, Frankincense, Stress Away, Thieves, PanAway, Citrus Fresh, Raven, Peppermint, Digize, Lemon and Copaiba.

One of my personal faves is, Joy. It does not come in the initial Premium Starter Kit but it is one I always recommend to anyone when they ask what to start with next after purchasing the kit.

Joy is the perfect mixture of citrus and floral that invites a sense of warmth, femininity, and love. Made with a blend of 10 different EOs, it’s great for diffusing, adding to the bath, or using as a perfume (just make sure you use a carrier oil—I prefer to use coconut oil).

Some say it smells like a grandma—and I used to think that too—but now I’m obsessed! The name describes it perfectly, as each day when I drop this friend over my heart, the scents of Ylang Ylang, lemon, and tangerine uplift my mood, raise my vibration, and bring my to… well, joy.

It can also help inspire a romantic, joyful, and happy atmosphere. The aroma brings joy to the heart, mind, and soul.

As holiday season is just around the corner, Joy + the other EOs in the Starter Kit are definitely worth considering to gift your friends and other loved ones.

Shop Joy and the entire Starter Kit here.